A Message from the senior pastor                Rev Constant Chow


During the time to fight the pandemic, it is an inevitable choice to participate in online Sunday worship. Thus, it is a challenge for the worshippers to practice holiness and self-discipline. Participate online worship at home, as usual worship at church on Sunday, both had to be well prepared in three aspects of body, heart and spirit:


Body: To have proper appearance and dress;  Don’t be untidy and don’t dress casually.

Heart: Be mindful; we are not watching a show, but consciously involve in worshipping God.

Spirit: Although during the online service we can’t see and hear each other, yet we are worshipping God together in Spirit.

Dear brothers and sisters, we had to participate in online worship at home temporarily. Try our best to excise godliness and self-discipline that we may offer acceptable worship to God to honour and glorify Him, and we will grow spiritually.


Let’s pray for grace and mercy from the Lord so that the epidemic will end, and we will gather together again to worship and fellowship in the near future. 


From 29th March according to the government ’s restriction, there will be no more physical Sunday Service at church, with internet broadcasts to continue. Encourage everyone of us to participate in the online Sunday worship at the time listed below:


English 9:00 am. 

Cantonese 11:00am.

Mandarin 2:00pm.

The recorded worship services will be available online until 11:59 pm of that Sunday for those who cannot join the worship service at the listed time.

The New Arrangement for Sunday Worship                              Rev Constant Chow


On the morning of 18th March, in response to the development 
of the epidemic, the Australian Federal Government announced a state of emergency for biosafety and immediately issued a rule that indoor gatherings must not exceed 100 people. 
The church complies with government regulations and from 22nd March 2020. Sunday worship arrangements are as follows:

1. The time of worship in three languages (Cantonese / English / Chinese) is as follows:

- English service: 9:00 am at Main Hall ( Hall 1)
- Cantonese service: 11:00 am at Main Hall (Hall 1)
- Mandarin service: 2:00 pm at Small Hall (Hall 2)
(Between English service and Cantonese service, disinfection cleaning of Hall 1 will be carried out by deacons and ushers.)

2.  We ask for your cooperation in the following areas when you attend one of our Sunday services:

- Before entering the hall, please use alcohol/ hand sanitiser to clean your hands.
We also recommend each individual wear their own mask during the service.
(The church has a limited stock of masks, and we will reserve for those who require one)

- Please write your name and contact phone number on the spreadsheet at the main entrance before entering the Hall (whether you are a member, regular attendee or guest).
This will assist us in the event that we need to 
forward attendance information to NSW Health, or contact attendees for contact tracing (as a worst-case scenario) 

- A new seating arrangement is in place, according to government-recommended "safe distancing" between attendees and density requirement (Four square meter rule).
Please follow the signs and take a seat in order to meet the requirements of personal space during the gathering.

3. The church strongly recommends those over 70 years of age, and those with respiratory symptoms, or those who are immuno-compromised, should stay at home and participate via live streaming worship.


The second letter will be sent out in the next few days to the entire church family, to keep you updated on the circumstances in which we will move to live streaming only.